Sunday, May 22

Friday Outfit (img)

What she wore on Friday...

Thursday (img)

Thursday's outfit

Wednesday - Grace Kelly (img)

What she wore on Wednesday...

Tuesday Outfit (img)

Perfect suit separates to wear late summer/early fall


Saturday, May 21


This post is to thank everyone who has supported, visited, advised, encouraged and provided their time to visit the prettypinkponies blog and site.  You are wonderful!!!

orange you glad it's summer?

orange you glad it's summer?
what other color bright enough to compete with the glare of the hot sun?

what other color so perfect with white, neutrals and deep brown sandals??

orange you glad it's summer? by prettypinkponies featuring metal shades

outfit by 'fashionqueen76'

outfit by 'alteregoo'

Monday, May 16

People profile: Faiza Seth, successfully fashionable (img)

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Courtesy of Faiza Seth
Faiza Seth in a pair of Christian Louboutins.
Faiza Seth is not your usual CEO.  She has flowing black hair, 40+ pairs of Louboutins and she frequently shares beauty secrets in fashion magazines.

post-recession shopping

think luxury brands and the affluent aren't influenced by tough times?  a recent survey of consumer behavior compares affluent shoppers in 2010 vs. 2011: